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Financial Domination by hot Las Vegas Mistress GcupBitch

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I love draining wallets

Posted by gcupbitch on November 5, 2010

In the last day I drained 4 wallets, 2 of which were done in the early hours of the morning, so My sleep cycle is all screwed up now. Not that I mind that – I’m a night owl anyway and I do enjoy taking money from stupid sloshed wankers at weird hours.

I had one of them chugging beer and tributing every time I took a sip of water, and I went through 3 glasses of water with him. he got a lil drunk and sloppy, even tripped on his way to get another beer, but he kept right on tributing like a good lil piggie.

I decided one piggie’s new name will be cash-point, since he loves being treated like My personal ATM, and he’s english, and in England they call ATMs cash points. haha! I know cash-point is probably getting a cheap thrill out of being called out in My blog, but that’s ok. I’ll just extract more from him next time. teehee

Another asked for a lil CBT so I had him swinging a bottle of water from his balls and beating his pathetic lil pecker while chanting “no cummies!” over and over. LOL

Moving on, tonight the boyfriend is bringing Me chocolate and the wonder cock. I’ll see what I feel like getting into with him as the night unfolds. haha

Since I won’t be online much this weekend, you losers can sit home alone wanking to My latest videos, and of course there is the Weekend Wankathon set for you chronic masturbators. Now get busy and click pay stroke!

All videos are 960×540 high quality.

Countdown to RUIN -Findomme JOI Ruined Orgasm

I am a greedy bitch and your lil $200 cash tribute is not good enough for Me! In this video I tell you exactly how worthless you are, humiliate you for not bringing Me enough money, make you get naked and beg to jerk that pathetic lil cock in front of Me, laugh while you do so, give you a countdown, but then ruin your orgasm, laugh at you even more, and finally order you to go get Me more money.

I flaunt the cash I’ve just taken from you in your face, show you how little I think of it, and even slap you in the face with the cash to make My point.

This clip is priced at triple the usual rate because you need to tribute Me, and I’m adding it into the price. you can also tribute more, but this is just a start…

Financial domination, humiliation, JOI, ruined orgasm, begging, verbal abuse and insults.


your pecker is too small! -Small penis humiliation SPH

Verbal assault on your tiny pathetic excuse for a penis. you think you’re fooling people, pretending to be a real man, but you’re not fooling ANYONE, especially not Me. That thing will never please a Woman and I’m telling you all about it. Then I see how it makes your stupid d1ck hard so I make you wank it in front of Me while I laugh at you. Ewww! Get the video NOW, loser!

Small penis humiliation, SPH, verbal abuse, insults, tiny pecker insults



Watch as I admire My beauty in the mirror, apply lipgloss to My luscious lips, fire up a Virginia Slims 120 cigarette, text with My girlfriends to plan a night out, and talk about what puppets men are for Me. I don’t care that you’re there, but at the end I do flip you off with a big FUCK YOU. haha!


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boys are My toys!

Posted by gcupbitch on October 31, 2010

Adventures with the boyfriend continue, as I break him more for My pleasure and amusement. I do so love breaking conservative vanilla boys and making them My bitches. LOL!

Last night I went out partying with the girls then made the bf come get Me, took him home and proceeded to introduce more of My evil femdom world to him. I tortured the hell out of him but he loved it at the same time. If you’re not a member of My Slave Pit, you will have to join to read the details in My private blog!

I also released another femdom video today:
Limpdick loser humiliation and tease, with financial domination

I’ve just been on a date with you and invited you in to play, and start to tease you but you’re such a limpdick loser you can’t get it up. I start to taunt you for not getting hard at the sight of My hotness and teasing, then I notice your dick getting hard, and begin to verbally humiliate you more for being one of those limpdick losers who can’t get it up without being humiliated.

I make you get on your knees, tell you what a loser you are who has to kiss My ass and pay Me because you’re not a real man, then finally make you stroke your pathetic cock and cum on the floor in front of Me for My amusement, laughing at you throughout the entire scene.

Humiliation, insults, verbal abuse, financial domination, financial exploitation, cum countdown at end.

960×540 quality
Get it now….click spend wank!!

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I am always going to have the upper hand

Posted by gcupbitch on October 25, 2010

…because I am better than you. I am hotter, smarter, sexier, more confident, and most of all, a WOMAN. And don’t you ever forget it!

Over the last couple days I’ve been busy creating My first ever hypno-domme / mind control video and I’m rather proud of it. See its description below. Also I met a super cool funny dude with whom I’ll be doing a little “work” over the next few weeks – it won’t really be work but anyway. Some of you might be lucky enough to see this stuff; it’s quite a departure from My usual thing, but totally fun!

On to the latest femdom videos:
(These can of course be purchased individually or accessed in My Slave Pit)

Both of these femdom videos are HOT! The preview GIFs are fairly large files so they may take a minute to load in this page. Wait for them – they are worth it!!!


Reprogramming you -Female Supremacy / Findomme

Visually captivating you with My long luxurious red hair done in gorgeous sexy waves, My mind-numbing cleavage, My deep blue eyes and My sensuous glossy lips, audibly entrancing you using My soft-yet-powerful voice, AND hypnotizing you with binaural beats, I will reprogram your silly male brain to understand exactly why men always have been and always will be inferior to Women, why I will always be superior to you, and why you should be serving ME. I leave absolutely no room for questioning or doubts.

By the end of this video you will have absolutely no choice but to serve Me.

Female supremacy, humiliation, mind fucking, mind control, reprogramming, hypnosis, financial domination, hypno-domme
Watch in darkness with stereo headphones

you should not watch or listen to this video if:

  • you are pregnant
  • you have a pacemaker
  • you have heart problems
  • you have had or are prone to seizures
  • you have epilepsy
  • you are about to drive or operate heavy machinery
  • 960×540 quality

    Click Spend Wank


    Red Light Green Light! Masturbatrix

    you remember the childhood game Red Light Green Light, don’t you? In this clip I’m wearing a sexy lil panty-bra set and teasing the hell out of you, and you have to stroke your cocklette when I say green light, then stop when I say red light. Follow along, wanker! Includes countdown 10-1 at end.

    Masturbatrix, lingerie tease, lots of close-ups, countdown

    960×540 quality
    Click Spend Wank

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