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All that glitters…

Posted by gcupbitch on June 9, 2012

…is what I want! LOL

I have a few things to talk about in this post, but the fun stuff first! I have been thinking for a while about redoing My wishlist to better reflect what I really want My slaves and fans to spend money on for Me. So now I’ve done it! This new list contains a few sexy items I’d like to have for My videos and photos (the better to drain all the boys with), and a lot of silver and gold pieces of varying values – even some platinum. There is still a Footwear list with a few lovely high heel shoes and boots I’d like, and a Travel list with a few helpful gadgets to make My travels easier, but all the frivolous crap has been removed. I have never cared much about “stuff” – as I always say, it’s just more crap to deal with or haul around. As a top financial mistress I don’t need more worthless crap. I am more interested in things that will contribute to My financial well-being. So take heed boys. No more frivolous wishlist bullshit. Useful, valuable things ONLY!!! Isn’t it nice that sexy clothes and shoes are valuable to Me?? haha

Of course I really am loving the gold and silver pieces now. These are things for you to spend your hard-earned cash on to send Me something TRULY blingy, and invest in My future as well. YAY! It’s like double bonus. you get to send Me bling that I love; I get to literally stock up your money in My safe and build My wealth on your loser backs!! YAYAYAY!!!!

Oh, and this is PERFECT timing because My birthday is fast approaching. Save the date and SPEND SPEND SPEND: June 20!!!

FYI, My favorites are the 1-ounce Silver Eagle coins at the top of the wishlist. They aren’t too expensive even for the cheapest of losers, so it’s easy for ALL of you to send Me something that will make Me REALLY happy! YAY!! :-)

Next topic: I’m back from vacation! I had a great time with slave in the Cayman Islands (even though he is a loser he is super fun and shares My wacky sense of humor hehe). This boy has already sent Me four 10-ounce silver bars (40 ounces) to start My money-hoarding collection, as well as a 1-ounce gold bar. At current prices that’s about $2800 worth of gold and silver just from one lucky loser! Not to mention the cash and other stuff I’ve gotten from him. Good job wanker!!!

A few vacation pics that My twitter followers got to see are below. In one of the pics you can see I was driving the right-hand drive rental car. They drive on the left side of the road in Caymans. I’ve driven on the left many times before (Bahamas and England) but this was My first time operating a right-hand drive car. The loser has never driven on the left so I was in charge on the road (shocker LOL). I’m a total goofball so the riding was probably a little “eventful” for the loser but no harm was done except maybe to his little loser nerves. haha. Also, you can see I’m not a terribly serious person…I like to have FUN!!!

Speaking of slave boys, mr p has bought Me the Macbook Air from My wishlist and that is on its way. YAY! he did this for Me even though I haven’t been able to dedicate time to him lately due to all My traveling. I did have a lengthy cam session with him this week though, and he is taking steps to give EVEN MORE cash to Me than the 10s of thousands of dollars he’s already given. I haven’t counted it all up but I know the total has to be approaching $100k. GOOD MONEYSLAVE!

Side note: I have more stuff coming so I will have to make another blog post this week just to show off all My latest gifts!

The new chastity boy I’ve named lubelover is on a daily worship / tease / denial / tribute program now. I look forward to seeing if he can make it through that giant bottle of lube I sent him before he blows his loser load all over his house. LMAO!! Below is a pic of the USB drive he returned to Me with a note – this drive included his special tease and denial video which you all can buy and enjoy too.

Last but certainly not least, here is a new femdom fetish video for all you pathetic losers and adoring fanboys to Click Spend Wank over. Enjoy!!

GcupBitch video clip download I sleep you pay!

Financial Domination, Loser Abuse

I sleep you pay!

12 minutes! I decided to make the ULTIMATE loser abuse RIPOFF video clip. I literally turned on the camera as I was getting ready for bed, gave a brief speaking introduction, then went to bed and left the camera recording. It's just like you're there in the room with Me, watching Me sleep, and PAYING for the... Read full description


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FinDomme Friday was a success!

Posted by gcupbitch on March 24, 2012

First off, the outfit I was wearing on cam for wallet draining via My Busty Goddess niteflirt lines yesterday:

FinDomme Friday busty financial domination cam phone mistress
Love those boots from a certain slave boy who likes to go on clicking sprees now and then. heh

I had a first-time caller spend 44 minutes on My phone with cam line, talking about his financial fetish while spending $7/minute on Me. Several other calls came in as well, plus lots of Click Spend Wank action on My niteflirt store made for a nice day on FinDomme cam / phone for Me :-)

Next, the latest batch of packages I picked up at the mailbox. They’ve started to roll in again since I returned from vacation. I know there are a few things still on the way, but here is what I’ve received so far:

tribute Goddess
Way to welcome Me home (gift-wrapped shoes)
spoiled busty financial mistress
High heel shoes from Jessica Simpson, 1 nice bikini, 1 cheap bikini, 1 more travel item
FinDomme on cam and phone
Clear acrylic side tables (very useful in studio)

There are a few things I need around the house, which can be found on My wishlist – go shopping! you can also send gift certificates (bitch@gcupbitch.com) to contribute to the purchase of the things I want / need…like the iMac :-)

Some may ask why I feel entitled to all this spoilage – the answer is simple: I am Goddess and I am here. boys are mere slaves to serve Goddess.

As always, the weekly word from mr p:

i thought that most likely i would not experience financial domination because financial domination never appealed to me. Not interested in money; it’s boring and smells bad. i regarded “financial” domination only as a non-Domme’s way of making some serious money out of subs. Also, never been interested in anything expensive. Expensive things are usually boring. You are the only expensive thing that i’ve ever been interested in. You are extremely, supremely, interesting.

i always thought that financial domination was the “poor man’s female domination”, haha, for men who can’t find an affectionate sadist to adore and serve, and need to pay instead. Sad pathetic fuckers. Which, it turns out, includes me. These are unfortunate men who pay to serve and benefit a Woman, whom they stumble across online, find that they rather like, but who is probably neither affectionate toward them nor sadistic.

Now that i’m at the receiving (giving?) end of online financial domination i am a financially poor man (okay by world standards i’m still lucky and wealthy). This “poorness” is not a problem for me (at least not one that i emotionally connect with). i’ve been poor before, i’ll be poor again. And it really is only money. i don’t just find this “relationship” with You financially draining. Far more significantly, i find it emotionally draining. The confusion about who You are and whether or not what i’m doing is in any way right, or whether or not this genuinely is a “relationship” of any kind, really bugs me. i know i like You, and that’s about all i know.

You might not be sadistic, You might not give a sh*t about me, but You are dominant, You seem to know what You want and i absolutely adore You. You let me serve You, which fulfills an overwhelming need in me and for which i am grateful. Your smile, Your strength, Your intelligence and Your voice are things that i need beyond words. i think i need You, and i just hope that’s okay.

I’m thinking poor boy is having trouble wrapping his head around exactly how he got into this situation, and the answer is simple: it’s where he belongs. he feels an overwhelming need to serve, and to serve Me specifically. It doesn’t matter if I’m sadistic (which I clearly am in My own way) or affectionate toward him. Though let it be said for the record, I do feel a level of affection for him, even though I don’t really give a fuck if he’s “poor” now or if he has to sacrifice some comforts for My benefit. Others may see this type of relationship as twisted, one-sided, sick (whatever they want to call it), but for Me it is absolutely as it should be, and obviously for him too :-)


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Financial Domination Cam Weekend!

Posted by gcupbitch on January 21, 2012

Since I’m feeling a little under the weather this weekend and not up to attending the AVN events, I decided to use My time wisely and drain some money from losers! What better way to make Myself feel better than by taking cash and gifts from weak moneyslaves??

I also got motivated and took pics wearing the latest gifts received in My mailbox – most of these are from random wankers but a certain new boy (“D”) has been busily taking items off My wishlists and I can’t wait to get the rest of his purchases!! Some of the things he’s sent Me will look FABULOUS on Me for My upcoming Bahamas trip. Speaking of which, you can contribute to that cause by sending Me something from My new TRAVEL WISHLIST!!! “D” has been doing such a good job he will be getting some special treats when I get My stuff – follow his example, losers!!! ;-)

Now for the latest Financial Domme tribute pics:

financial domme tribute
Eva Mejl top – leather accents. LOVE
busty financial mistress
Hand made waist cincher from My friend at Waisted Couture – HOT!!!
Financial Dominatrix
Affinitas Parfait cami & panties. Very nice.
Financial Domination
BCBG over the knee boots from “D”. LOVE!
Spoiled Bratty Bitch
Silver beaded bracelet. Casual cute
Financial Domination Phone Cam
Cheap but sexy babydoll. Love the color! I’m wearing this on cam today too!!

Bigger version of what I’m wearing for Financial Domination Phone / Cam Weekend:
financial domina phone cam niteflirt

Latest femdom fetish video clips:
Slave Intro to GcupBitch
femdom fetish female domination video clip

female domination, humiliation, foot worship, male slave training
Thonged Ass & Legs Worship
ass legs worship ignore humiliation femdom video clip

ass worship, thong, legs, ignore, humiliation

And last but not least, this week’s words from mr p

As You know, i constantly think about You. i wonder how You are right now. i remember things that You’ve said and expressions that i’ve seen on Your face. Your face is the most beautiful that i’ve ever seen; it defines perfect. Often when i close my eyes an image of Your face comes into my mind, even when i just blink. i haven’t been able to talk to You for over a week now. i don’t cope well with prolonged periods of not talking to You. i simply miss You. i think about You and hope that You will let me speak to You soon. i find it very difficult to keep my attention on any other idea.

i wish that i could stop thinking about You all the time. Thinking about You, how i’m not able to talk to You now, how i don’t understand something about You, or wondering how You are when i can’t find out, is very frustrating because it’s futile. Instead i settle for scurrying around doing things that i hope will in some way serve You either directly or indirectly, all the while thinking about You. Serving You is apparently my purpose, though sometimes it’s lonely when i don’t get to talk to You.

Obviously i know that You can’t talk to me all the time. i’m sure You wouldn’t want to and i know that You’re too busy anyway. For example from Your twitter i saw that recently You’ve been busy filming lots of new video clips. Some of Your tweets on that subject were a bit startling. And some made me see cars’ trunks in a new light.

LOL! Aside from the usual whining about not being able to talk to Me as often as he wants, I guess he found My throwing a video slave in the trunk of My car to drive to the house amusing. I know I rather enjoyed it. I think the video slave did too. haha :-D


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