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Financial Domination | Tease | Humiliation by Sensual Seductress GcupBitch

Busty Money Domme

Financial Domination by hot Las Vegas Mistress GcupBitch

I shop, you lose!

Posted by gcupbitch on February 13, 2013

I’m going to make this short and (not-so) sweet: if you haven’t been to My new website yet, you NEED to go there, bookmark it, and worship there DAILY!!! http://jessicagbanks.com That is where you’ll find all My best and latest goodies and most current femdom videos and links.

I will still be posting some remaining video content here but this site will not be getting as much content as the new site will from now on. FYI, I have a pro photo shoot scheduled for Tuesday of the coming week and that will be posted only on the new site!

Now buy this new financial fetish humiliation strapon video clip!!!

GcupBitch video clip download you suck I shop!

Financial Domination, Humiliation, Strapon

you suck I shop!

25+ minutes! This loser has been a fan of Mine for a long time and he's getting the ultimate prize - to meet Me in person! But his cash tribute wasn't enough to satisfy My financial fetish, so I decided to take his wallet for a little online shopping while abusing him! I first teased him into agreeing to do... Read full description


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