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Financial Domination by hot Las Vegas Mistress GcupBitch

Giant Memorabilia Sale!!! WORN ITEMS

Posted by gcupbitch on December 8, 2012

FINALLY I got all the pics up for all the worn items I’m offering up for sale to you perverts and losers. Consider this one way you can tribute Me for Christmas and get something fabulously rewarding for yourself!!

Email Me at bitch@gcupbitch.com with what items you want and your $offer$. Worn items from videos will include the video if your offer is at least $100. Don’t be insulting – this stuff is priceless so don’t be a cheapass!!! Payment can be made via the options on My NEW Tribute page.


The implants shouldn’t need much explanation – I’ve recently had them removed. Now you can own them! Something that was actually INSIDE ME, and you can own them!!! LOL! I know some pervert wants them….


Next, a floral bra/panty set as seen in the video Unobtainable Bitch – this has been worn quite a bit and the panties even have some lovely pussy stains. Mmmm. Offer at least $100 to get the set AND the video.


Blue patterned bra/panty set as seen in the video Accept your loserdom and various pics and such. This was one of My fave sets. Offer at least $100 to get the set AND the video.


White with light red plunge bra/panty set as seen in the video set “Mega Tease JOI” part 1 and part 2. These panties also have some lovely pussy stains. Mmmm. Again, offer at least $100 to get the set AND the videos.


SOLD $200 Purple bra/panty set as seen in the video Cuckold Life. $100+ offer gets the set AND the video.

It really is the purple set – bad color on the photo!!!


Finally, red bra/panty set as seen in the video Office Tease Blackmail. $100+ offer gets the set AND the video.

And this IS the red/pinkish set – again weird color in the photo!



More stuff – these are some of My everyday items that I wore A LOT. All items have visible wear, dirt, stains from Yours Truly, smells, etc. Again, priceless stuff here so don’t be cheap!!! Email Me with the items you want and your $offer$!

ALL of these items are well used, worn, dirty. I have NOT washed them since last wear. Some were worn a few times since last wash. The shoes were NEVER washed and are filthy as fuck. LOL


Black Fantasie bra, size 32G. I wore this regularly and it’s been worn 4-5 times since being washed, so some of My personal essense still lingers…


This nude bra was worn almost daily for at least a year. Very very worn and unwashed!!!


This black plunge bra has been seen in many of My videos (including Trapped Boozer so $100+ offer gets the bra AND the video). This was also My going out bra so it has seen plenty of wear over the last year+.


Next, 2 VERY WORN sports bras. I wore the hell out of these things. For several months they were My go-to sports bras everyday at the gym. Much sweat and grime has been worn into them. Make offer for both.


This black/grey sports bra became My next go-to sports bra for several months. It’s higher quality than the other two and I was SO glad I found it!!! Again, HEAVILY WORN.



Dirty foot / shoe lovers rejoice! I have 2 pairs of worn out trashed sneakers for sale!!! What would you pay to lick the dirt and grime off these babies???


One pair of Skechers slip-on sneakers. I wore the hell out of these almost daily for nearly a year. The grime can be seen all over them, including inside. My feet have sweated tons in these things.


Finally, My black DKNY daily sneakers. I wore these as My about town walking shoes, so again, LOTS of wear. As you can see in one pic, I almost wore the sole off. LOL! Wear can be seen inside these as well, and lots of dirt and grime outside.

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