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Financial Domination by hot Las Vegas Mistress GcupBitch

Big changes ahead

Posted by gcupbitch on November 9, 2012

I’m writing this as I sit in My nice hotel room paid for by the infamous buttslut totalbuttdude, as I enjoy My all expense paid trip and think about tonight’s walletrape session I’ll be having with him. I put a lil hurt on his wallet last night, just by shoving My shiny pants-clad ass in his face and basically saying “gimme”. I also degraded him in a way he’s never experienced before – I made him choke on My huge black strapon as I shopped online with his credit card. Of course video will be coming soon of that lil escapade. I do love having a loser pay Me to abuse him and then making even MORE money off his ass forever by selling the videos. hehe

I’m thinking tonight will entail a bit more tease, humiliation and of course every financial domme‘s favorite fetish: walletrape! I might have to rape his ass (wallet) even harder tonight, because I won’t be seeing him for a while. Oh and I can’t wait to get all the sexy stuff I ordered with his credit cards! LOL!! Yes folks, real live financial domination. Me likey!

Next news: Hold on to your dicks boys; I’m having breast surgery at the end of this month to remove My implants and reconstruct down to a much smaller size. I have been thinking about this for months, and I’m finally taking the plunge. I can’t wait to be able to fit into some of the hot designer clothes I love but could never fit into before! haha. Meanwhile I’m filming a lot of femdom content in My current state for all you horny losers to keep spending and wanking for Me and My giant boobs well into the future. I will be rolling out a brand new website once I’m all healed from surgery, but GcupBitch will live on for all the loser world to keep worshiping and spending on forever. So basically, I’ll have TWO sources of loser drainage income!!! Gota love that!

I’m also just starting a strict training regimen for a fitness competition this spring, so My body is about to get even MORE sexy. What does that mean to you? No matter My boob size, I will ALWAYS be able to numb your brain into financial submission with My hotness!! hahaha

Also, tomorrow I’m flying back to San Diego to ride the banker bus some more. I’m sure We’ll be going out a little so any cuckold bitches can look for opportunities to sponsor Our fun!

Finally, a lil clip of some hot ass worship, humiliation and of course financial domination featuring Me, My fabulous ass, and loser boy extraordinaire. This one had to be recorded with My spare camera so it’s not My usual quality, but it is definitely still HOT and wankable, and the price is discounted from My usual rate for a “2-party” session. So just Shut up and SPEND! :)

GcupBitch video clip download Kiss My Ass

Ass Worship, Humiliation

Kiss My Ass

10 minutes! Here I allowed My shiny butt-loving slave boy to worship My ass in skintight shiny black PVC stretch pants, kissing, licking, sniffing...he LOVES it. Meanwhile I allow the rest of you losers to watch and taunt you throughout because I know how much *you*... Read full description


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2 Responses to “Big changes ahead”

  1. CommunitySlut said

    Wow. I would never have imagined this, but it makes little difference. As I’m sure most who are in awe with You would agree: I’ve always liked You for You and I will always adore You, not for the size of Your chest, but because of the intelligent, confident, smart, sexy, and (unseen by many) sweet woman that You are. Even if You had been ACupBitch when I first sent You that first gift while You were in Puerto Rico … I still would have sent it, and every one since.

    You are a special woman, and nothing will ever change that.

    • gcupbitch said

      While I appreciate where this is coming from, I don’t need a pep talk LOL. I am having the surgery because I WANT to and I’m EXCITED about it. The biggest decision was what size – I’m going for something in the B-C neighborhood, which is smaller than My natural pre-implant size was. I want to fit in clothes without having to “accommodate” the boobs, and even My natural Dcups were a problem. I liked the giant boobs for the ~10 years I had them, but now it’s time for a change. Also I’m excited to have them out of the way at the gym! haha.

      I can’t wait to go clothes shopping and buy all those teeny sexy lil tops I could never wear before because they never fit! And designer clothes that I could never wear before. And all those pretty lil bras! The boys better get ready because I’m gona have a lot of shopping to do in the coming weeks!!! LOL

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